Who I am

Balance Seeker

In today's busy world, I'm on a quest for balance, just like many of us.

Each morning, I kickstart my day with a quick meditation session. It's my secret to finding inner peace and strength, which in turn helps me tackle daily challenges with confidence.

This practice is my way of diving into my inner world, calming my emotional storms, and preparing for the day ahead.

Soul Mirror Reader

Despite my extensive knowledge of crystals and stones, I realized that, in the creative process of combining them, SunSoulJewelry was born.

Receiving feedback from the owners of these pieces, I understood that my intuition and ability to feel energy added significant value.

My hands delicately and precisely select stones, and my creations are not only beautiful but also imbued with meaning and the power of nature.

The atmosphere of my workshop is like an artistic world where I experiment with colors and designs, while respecting nature. Each of my crafted pieces is like a gem that shines both around the neck and in the heart.

Number Symbol Interpreter

I am a number and symbol interpreter with a deep interest in tarot cards and astrology. As an artist, tarot consultant, and astrology expert, I merge my life with a world where stars and symbols reveal people's life stories and mysteries.

With care, I interpret tarot cards, helping to understand the current situation and overcome challenges. I provide answers regarding relationships, careers, and personal growth, using tarot cards as a guide and my ability to explain symbols.

I study stars, planets, and astrological aspects to create detailed forecasts based on birth charts. Additionally, I offer consultations on personal growth, aiding in deeper self-discovery.

My mission is an invitation to understand the mysteries of the world and develop a spiritual connection to help achieve life goals, gain clarity, and move forward, receiving guidance from the stars and tarot cards.

My search for the deep questions of life began at the age of six, after suffering a tragic event when my dear mother passed away.

I spent that time in deep self-doubt, experiencing a lack of affection and a fear of being alone, which I attempted to resolve even at the psychotherapist's office, but without success. Even then, at an
early age, I felt a deep inner strength within me that was waiting for me to mature and expand.

My first conscious experience with self-awareness and spirituality began when I first turned 21 and met teachers along the way. At that moment, I realised that the answers to my questions were coming one after the other.

After letting go of the pressure of society and learning to manage my inner strengths, as well as forming a better understanding of my mind, I was inspired to express my inner knowledge, continuing to educate myself in various aspects. It helped me understand my inner work and my feelings better.

I continued exploring deeper topics until I met a professor through whom I was able to bring my inner wisdom out into the world, realising my creative being, getting to know my talents, and letting them blossom here on Earth.

Despite the extensive knowledge, I was certain that my instrument was interconnected with my energy structure - crystals and stones.

Being in the process of creating and learning about each crystal and gemstone, the idea of crafting jewellery came. I began thinking about what type of jewellery I could make, however, I felt that this was not the right path for me.

And then, as I interacted with the crystals, I accepted that if something is intended to happen, it will.

I felt a deep meditative process within me, which informed and helped me understand which stones to utilise so that the created bracelet would serve its desired purpose according to the Plan of the Universe.

Thus, SunSoulJewerley was created.

When receiving feedback from satisfied customers, I realise that my intuition, sensibility, and ability to "read the information field" contribute to the creation of the bracelet and adds value that assists the wearer on their path, which is in accordance with the Universe's intention.  

And profound, loving appreciation to my dear husband for his presence during my transformation processes, which resulted in the "fruit" of creating SunSoulJewelry!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my beloved family, my spiritual guide for expanding my
consciousness, and my beloved Venuses for being together and supporting me.

I am thankful to everyone who interacted with me and shared their talents and time in creating the
SunSoulJewelry website!

With deep gratitude, recognising myself as an instrument in the hands of the Universe,